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No stress around there whatsoever Then comes la Noria, This house is another proof of its street name change again. Calle Antonio Dominguéz Alfonso is written on a billboard below the roof of this building. The following video is typical for one of many gigs or DJ concerts in the Noria street at any time of the year. These Jazz concerts Spain Tenerife have been repeated yearly since To have the concerts Tenerife which originate from American slaves end of June is not the very best moment anyway, because of the May festivals.

Vintage cars club Anyway, it's great for the Canary Island blues artists, such as 'Lightnin Blues' and 'Three Bones' to have this occasion to mingle in Tenerife with famous American blues musicians. Andy J. Forest and Zac Harmon, to name just two were heard at Santa Blues in Zac Harmon, who was also attending the concerts was then rated best for new Blues in the USA charts, you know Sometimes, it's only some wine festival or tapas competitions where the Fiesta street takes part. The last took place at the end of May We shall keep you posted if another comes up again in the middle of November.

Learn more about this vintage car club or retro club which is next door to the fun Tenerife Nifu Nifa club. Admire the gay outside decor of the restaurant called Restaurante El Bulan the former Chillout bar. This is one of oldest Santa Cruz entertainment establishment. We found it closed for renovations in and still in July But the kitchen inside seems to work and serves food on its Terrace already. Indeed, works were finished, last not least when I passed there in July Almost opposite by the tree that has lent its name, is the modern Santa Cruz Terrace restaurant Baobab for mouth watering food.

Fiesta en Tenerife. Los mejores lugares de la Isla

Utmost relaxation is guarantied, while life music at night comes on the house on week-ends. It also has a luxury bathroom where changing your baby's napkin becomes a joy. Depicted is the former intriguing Chill-out's street view from its absolute stunning antique entrance This photo has much nostalgic flair of genuine retro style which dates back more than one century. Inside, you feel that the clock has been turned back in time. This Noria restaurant now called El Bulan used to keep its promise of surprises which are still there in Now again, it serves lunch as well.

This oldest of Canary Island theaters is virtually within a very short stroll just around the corner from the party street. Bargain menu of Chill-out bar which is now Restaurante Bulan. This place which is being restored has changed names and is still closed to the public inside. The historic menu seen above may have been altered as well. Both restaurants El Lagar and El Bulan share the same roof garden where events used to take place on weekends. I think the share owners as well.

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Restaurante el Lagar new management? Hopefully, only temporary.

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We ordered the same Bacalao at the beginning of autumn. We sent it back. What a deception I didn't even keep the photo of the dish I had, as it was not to be remembered. The chef must have used the wrong herb for its sauce. Eventually, my friend Paolo was betting on Rosemary. Conclusion Carnival street of Fiestas This carnival street of Fiestas is in the vicinity of the two most popular Santa Cruz museums and some other attractions round off a vital part of the capital.

This fact is engraved on one of its buildings. What's so exciting about it is that all is supposed to be handled with discretion, as was told by a now gone blog entry of "paseandoxsantacruz. The Arabian Gulf prince his Highness from the UAE and his delegation of 50 is holding business meetings and banquets with the strictest security at the newly opened Italian Restaurant Delicieux at what's now called Calle Antonio Dominguéz Alfonso, 6 for an entire week. This restaurant is supposed to have a terrific view from its first floor which I can't see.

I fact now, it's forbidden to climb its stairs. Walk from the top of la Noria underneath the Serrador bridge. You shall see the tree slightly to the left. It most probably always has the pink blooms, unless I was lucky to have seen them so often. The tree's young body doesn't bend like a drunkard yet. However, you shall always spot it by its trunk and branches. They are totally covered with huge thorns. Then, walk a few meters straight up the road to the covered parking ground.

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Contrasting surroundings of the Noria street. Noria street view from General Cerrador bridge. Santa Cruz Noria during carnival as displayed by this photo in a very large size in Casa del Carnival. Click the picture above to learn more about the carnival exhibition center that's a mere ten minutes walk up Barranco de los Santos from the Noria district Is Restaurante el Miraldor a case of Tenerife uncovered?

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Contact us. Our blog. Si ya ja ja ja ja ja como se ve que no sales o no eres de la isla. Yo he vivido en la 7 y sin duda es la mejor, el hierro no hay, la palma tampoco, la gomera igual, gran canaria si es bastante buena, lanzarote un poco menos y fuerteventura también hay poca fiesta, así que conoce antes de comentar. Que nos recomiendas para ir de despedida de soltero a la isla de Tenerife?

La zona norte o la zona sur? Un saludo! Este debe ser de la tercera isla en tamaño. En Tenerife hay marcha de la buena y menos peligroso que en dicha isla.

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En la Gomera hay alguna zona de marcha? Hay al menos alguna zona joven donde alojarse con algo de movimiento? Hola, unos amig s y yo tenemos pensado ir desde mediados de julio hasta finales del mismo mes, hay fiesta entre semana tambien?

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Es decir, habren los pubs o algo similar esos dias de la semana o solo fines de semana? Sí, agrégame a tu lista de correos. Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios. Fiesta en Tenerife Suponiendo que tu ruta viajera es de sur a norte, vamos a descubrir la noche chicharrera en los municipios de Adeje y Arona, en el sur; y Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna y Puerto de la Cruz, en el norte.

Entrada anterior Planes para gastar poco en Tenerife. Siguiente entrada Tenerife con niños: bosque, arena y lava. Juan Ayala Economista y blogger profesional de viajes. A principios de , decidí romper con la rutina y ahora vivo en un continuo viaje alrededor del mundo. He cambiado mi sitio en la oficina por disfrutar cada día en un lugar diferente. Colaboro con Global Exchange y comparto mi viaje en hiworld. Carlos 6 Feb Responder.

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Y con los años, va a peor. Ercabo 3 Jul Responder. Jorge 28 Ago Responder. Nancy 9 Oct Responder. Porfavor par salsa bachata donde en tenerife? Jorge 15 Ago Responder. Jaz 30 Abr Responder. Totalmente de acuerdo.